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We are dedicated to establishing a connection between world-class IT talents and renowned businesses. That’s why our staffing services, and continued commitment to workplace diversity, have helped to distinguish our company from others within the market space.

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Work Visas and Green Card Sponsorship Opportunities

We take active steps to treat all of our IT consultants with equal respect, including H-1B visa and green cardholders. The same applies to foreign national consultants, to whom we afford appropriate compensation and professionalism. 

25 k

Companies need results; we bring the solutions. Need assistance getting your latest project completed? Give us a call!

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Our customers range from small business owners up to enterprise level corporations. Speak with a Arnel-Lyn consultant today to see how we can start working together!


We pay our consultants once every 14 days. Arnel-Lyn ensures promptly receipt of your wages.


Eligible employees are entitled to several medical, dental, and vision insurance plans.


One year after you join us as a participant, you will also be offered a 401K savings plan, with limited matching funds.


We offer competitive compensation across every career opportunity.

IT Staffing

At Arnel-Lyn, we understand how stressful it can be to operate a company without a complete staff portfolio. One missing link is all it takes to induce a ripple effect of disaster. That’s why we have made it our mission to provide IT staffing services to those who need us most. 

Direct Hire

Considering the costs that are associated with unsuccessfully hiring an employee, we recommend that you ensure your final choice is one that instills confidence within you and your team.

Working with Arnel-Lyn will provide you with unlimited access to the greatest minds in IT, both at the top and middle of the skill spectrum. It matters not, therefore, to what extent your workforce is lacking In talent. 


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We have the right team of unique professionals waiting for you at Arnel-Lyn!

John Masud

Senior Consultant

Corey Anderson

Assistant Director

John Freight

Business Manager

John Maliha

Business Advisor

First let me say that I loved working with Ms. Daniels! Everything was coordinated so well! We got my Free-WiFi access setup for my patrons and all my internet phones working after 3 days of stressful DIY that clearly wasn’t working! Glad I hired the help needed and will definitely be reaching out for anything else that comes up!

Ciao! xoxo

Saved My Grand Opening!
Chrissy M.- Savannah Coffee Shop

Looking forward to our next project! Excellent experience with Arnel-Lyn!

Michael Wilshire
CEO, Brick Consulting

Anthlya really came through for us when we were looking for help setting up two additional offices for our interior design consulting! We were growing at an alarming rate and the techs she provided were right on time for what we needed!

Thanks again!


Always A Pleasure!
Johnson & Kirsten Consulting
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