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Industry Leading IT Recruiters

At Arnel-Lyn, our IT consultants are equally important as our clients.

Our industry-leading IT recruiters don’t only possess an in-depth understanding of the technologies employed in the areas we typically operate in but also command extensive experience in each field within it. The loyalty many of our customers demonstrate can be easily observed in the amount of time they have remained engaged with our services.

Not only does this affirm our dedication to supplying the highest quality of client care but further allows us to gain access to a plethora of attractive opportunities. Perhaps the most notable of which is the work vacancies we organize with premier companies across the nation.

The Way Recruiting Should Be Done.

Throughout the entire duration of our recruiting process, we ensure our understanding of your capabilities is as comprehensive as possible. This way, we are able to offer our clients the best representation of your profile. One that will hopefully encourage them to request your assistance.

There are, however, some IT staffing firms that choose to inappropriately modify their consultant’s capabilities. They often do this to match an opportunity they are presented with, or even to attract clients in the first place. Either way, we deem these practices to be completely inappropriate, and a reflection of poor business acumen on behalf of those responsible. That is why we never change the résumés of our candidates, nor do we misrepresent them. All assignments are portrayed as accurately as possible, and regular communication is maintained to keep all parties apprised of the engagement status.

Given the volume of long-standing relationships that we command with companies who lead our national markets, we often negotiate extension periods, and rearrange assignments, to create a more productive work environment for our consultancy teams. This allows the individuals working within impacted departments to generate extremely high retention and extension rates.

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